Is There a Chapped Lips Remedy That Truly Works?

chapped lips home remedyIs there a chapped lips home remedy that truly works? If you struggle with chapped lips then you know winter weather adds an extra challenge. The dry, cold air causes a number of problems.

Before winter truly sets in, you can learn how to protect your lips and prevent chapping this season with these chapped lips prevention strategies:

Chapped Lips Prevention Strategies:

1. Daytime and Night-Time Protection:
Protection is one of the best preventatives. Many lip products like lipstick and lip stain can actually cause lips to dry out. It’s important to find products that moisturize and protect. During the daytime, search for an oil-based or petroleum-based product that also includes sunscreen. At night you can try something a little heavier. One common solution is to use grape seed oil or lip products containing grape seed oil.

2. Brush Your Lips
You can help exfoliate your lips by brushing them lightly when you brush your teeth. This will help remove some of the exterior dry skin. It smoothes out your lips and can help prevent chapping.

3. Stop Licking Your Lips
Licking your lips is a habit that can be challenging to break. Try to use lip protection that is unflavored, so you’re not tempted to taste your lips. Also, make sure to stay hydrated. When you become even slightly thirsty, one of the body’s initial reactions is to start licking your lips. Constant wetting and re-wetting causes dry, cracked lips.

4. Check Your Products
Many products can cause allergic reactions. The result is dry, irritated, and chapped lips. Lipsticks, lip balms, and even toothpastes can cause irritated lips. The culprits are flavorings, colorings, and even seemingly helpful ingredients like oxybenzone found in sunscreen. If you suspect a product is causing your lips problems, stop using the product for ten to fourteen days. If your lips improve, then you’ve found your answer. If they don’t improve, you can resume using the product and try eliminating something else.

5. Foods and Medication
Just like some common ingredients can cause lip irritation, food and medications can too. Topical medications like Retin-A can cause severe drying. Food allergies like wheat and dairy can cause lip irritation and chapping. Food begins digesting as soon as it enters your mouth. The saliva begins to break it down. If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, it can immediately affect your lips.

If you suspect a medication (including prescription medications) or a food is causing your chapped lips, consider eliminating it for a few days to see if the condition improves. If it’s a prescription that you suspect is causing the chapped lips, talk to your doctor before you stop taking your medicine.

There are ingredients in our life that cause chapped lips. Sun, wind, and dry air are certainly challenges to having soft and supple lips. However, a little extra protection and attention can help you keep your lips comfortable all winter long.

chapped lips home remedy





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chapped lips home remedy   chapped lips home remedy      chapped lips home remedy    chapped lips home remedy





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