Detox Your Way To Beautiful, Healthy Skin

BFeNewslette_Story_link-art_72ppi_355x129_Look-Good_PNGMany natural health experts believe that having a regular detox period is not only great for your body but it does wonders for your skin too.

The idea is that toxins from everyday pollutants, the environment and foods we eat build up in our bodies and over time has a negative impact on the way we look and feel.

A regular detox program can help keep you bodys running at its very best


When it comes to fighting acne, detoxing may also help. The idea here is that when your body is full of toxins and unhealthy it will show in your skin – often in the form of acne.

With that in mind, detoxing may be just what you need to reveal healthy, beautiful skin. And detoxing doesn’t have to be difficult, even a few simple changes can make a difference.

Here are some of our easiest home detoxing tips for clear, healthy looking skin:

Give up alcohol - Drinking alcohol can dehydrate your body and skin which will make acne worse. It’s also hard on your liver. The liver is the organ that cleanses your system. A healthy liver means a healthy body and skin. By drinking less or giving it up altogether for a set period, you give your liver a chance to detox and perform at its best. In turn leading to a healthier body which includes your skin.

Give up caffeine - Caffeine is dehydrating to your skin. It can also wreak havoc on your hormones. A healthy hormonal system will mean a healthy body and skin. Avoid caffeine and other caffeinated drinks so that your body has a chance to naturally regulate its hormones to the level they should be.

Try a real foods detox diet - A total body, detox program like The Body Focus Cleanse21™ Therapeutic Detox can help remove toxins, reduce body fat and restore nutritional balance in just 21 days using real foods and nutrtional supplements. The ultimate goal of a total body detox program is to help your body remove waste and toxins at a better level.

Give up sugar - As you may already know, sugar is awful for your body and skin. It reduces the amount of collagen in the skin which will lead to aging skin. It can also create a severe insulin reaction in the body which can make acne breakouts worse. Giving up sugar for even a week can create a visible difference in the appearance of your skin.

Drink water first thing in the morning - While it's true drinking water is good for the body, drinking a cup of warm water in the morning will gently wake up your system. This will help your body and organs can get a kick-start on the detoxing process.

Exercise regularly  - Regular exercise is a fantastic way to detox your body. Each time you exercise you will sweat out toxins which will in turn help unclog and clear your pores. Just make sure you wash your face and body with warm water after exercising to help prevent your pores from getting clogged up with the bacteria being released.

If you need help getting your diet and fitness routine off the ground or would like to improve your overall health and appreance through a therapeutic detox progam, we can help...



To sign up for The Body Focus™ System speak to your doctor or click here to contact our office.

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