Top Tips for Black Friday Shopping Success

Black Friday shopping tips 2012If you are going to shop in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday, it is a good idea to strategize. People actually get hurt or even killed in some of the shopping frenzy! So be safe, have fun, and plan your day.

Here are some tips for successful Black Friday shopping.

Tips for Successful Black Friday Shopping:

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2012:  Shop Online
Okay, this may sound like wimping out - but honestly, more and more online retailers are offering deals on Black Friday. Those deals may be in the middle of the night - beginning shortly after midnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving - but you won't get injured trying to get in the door, and you can stay in your comfy pjs. If you have a laptop or other mobile device to shop online, you can keep it by your bed, set your alarm, and just sit up and shop

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2012:  Make a Wish List
Make a list of what you intend to buy or are looking for on sale. This is your "master list" which you will refer back to each time you check with a retailer or browse ads.

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2012:  Know Where the Bargains Are
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, take your wish list and line it up with what your local retailers are offering. Flat screen TV on the list? Check your local Target, Wal-Mart, etc. stores to see if they have any bargains on that item. Make notes on your wish list under each item - note where it's on sale and for how much, and whether or not there's a rebate.

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2012:  Don't Forget the Locals
The big chain retailers are usually what people think of when they consider Black Friday bargains; but don't forget about the mom and pop businesses in your community. They may not have a big colorful flyer to advertise their sales, but call the store ahead of time to find out what sales they may be offering on Black Friday. You may be surprised at the deals you'll get.

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2012:  Read the Whole Ad
This Black Friday shopping tip Canadians will love as well as print advertising is as popular there as it is here in the states. If you're looking at printed ads, make sure you read all the fine print. Sometimes there are quite a few strings attached to the purchase, especially with regard to electronics.

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2012:  Remember the Rebates
A rebate is only good if you remember to send it in. Manufacturers and businesses are counting on some people forgetting, so don't be one of them! Check your items right away to make sure they work and are in good order (even if it's a gift). Then send in the rebate as soon as you're sure you aren't going to be taking the item back.

Black Friday shopping tips 2012





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Black Friday shopping tips 2012   Black Friday shopping tips 2012      Black Friday shopping tips 2012    Black Friday shopping tips 2012





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