Make Today Your Stop Smoking Day!

best programs to stop smokingThe dangers of smoking are no secret. Just about everyone now knows that even occasional smokers are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer, emphysema, and many other diseases. We also know that second-hand smoke can harm the health of our family and friends.

But even with the best programs to stop smoking, more than 45 million Americans still smoke cigarettes; t
hat's because quitting is hard (as most who have attempted to quit but failed will attest).

November 15 marking the 37th Great American Smokeout, we encourage smokers to make a plan to stop smoking that day.  By doing so, smokers will be taking an important step towards a healthier life – one that can lead to reducing cancer risk.

If you're looking for a medical program to help you achieve your goal of living a smoke-free life, the Body Focus Stop Smoking NOW ™ Program, including our stop smoking detox diet, can help you kick the habit in just 21 days or less without pills, patches, cravings or weight gain! 


Weight Loss: The Benefits of Fiber

fiber_and_weight_lossIn nutrition circles, one often hears "eat fiber, it's good for you". But fiber is a carbohydrate and those are supposed to be bad, or at least severely limited. Okay, what gives? The resolution to this dilemma lies in examining more closely just what fiber is and what it does for you.


How to Help Your Children Develop Healthy Exercise Habits

family_Buddy_Fit_exercisingObesity is now an epidemic for kids.

The habits that kids have developed have led to sedentary lifestyles, lack of proper nutrition and weight gain.

But, you can assist your kids in making changes that will improve their health.


Helping Children Choose Healthy Foods At School

DYK-ATD_Story_link-art_72ppi_355x129-1As the number of overweight school aged children rises schools, parents, health professionals, and government agencies are working together to help children make healthy food choices while in school. To aid parents in creating smart eating and fitness plans for their children, this month we introduce Body Focus Kids & Teens™ featuring our mascot, "Buddy Fit".


Health Benefits of Probiotics

BFeNewslette_Story_link-art_72ppi_355x129_Essentials_women-eating-yogurt_PNGThe benefits of Probiotics were discovered many years ago, but they have only recently gained widespread attention and acceptance. They are have become more accessible in recent years, popping up in a variety of food products from yogurt to baby formula.

Adding probiotics to your diet is easy, and it has the potential to greatly improve your health.


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Stay hydrated...

watterOn average, we should drink one liter of water daily (drink an extra 8 oz of water for every 25 pounds overweight). This amount should increase if you are exercising or in extreme heat.

Laser hair removal for men?

rippedIf you thought laser hair removal was just for women, guess again. When it comes to removing unwanted hair, aestheticians report men and women are dead even in this department.