Health Alert: Common Medical Conditions That Can Cause Weight Gain.

woman_with_scale_Body_FocusWhile rare, there are some medical conditions that can cause weight gain. If you've followed a balanced, low calorie diet and exercised 30 minutes a day for a few weeks and aren't losing weight it's advisable to seek medical assistance to determine if a medical condition is preventing you from losing.

Here are just a few conditions that could cause issues with weight...

Thyroid Disease - Your thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located on the right side of your neck. The thyroid secretes important hormones related to metabolism. Hypothyroidism is a "slow" thyroid which is not producing enough thyroid hormone. If you have stuck to a calorie restricted diet for a month, and you've not lost weight, consider asking your doctor to check your thyroid hormone function. It's simple to solve this problem by taking hormones to alleviate the problem

Depression - Mostly, no one is sure what came first, the depression or the weight gain, but at any rate weight gain and depression go hand in hand. If you're over weight and depressed you must identify whether or not you're using food as a drug to sedate your feelings. If so, it's important to seek professional help to assist with finding healthier alternatives to dealing with life's issues than food.

Adrenal issues - Many people develop adrenal fatigue by ingesting the wrong types of foods over a period of time such as high amounts of stimulants like caffeine, white sugar, and processed chemically enhanced foods. Even stress can increase the level of Cortisol in your bloodstream which can cause adrenal fatigue. The best thing you can do is eliminate offending foods, increase organic whole foods, and find ways to reduce stress.

Medications - Steroids, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, corticosteroids, hormonal birth control and seizure meds can cause people to gain weight. For most people, weight is water weight accounting for about 20 lbs, but for some people they can actually gain over 100 lbs with the wrong medication. Speak to your doctor about the possiblility of trying an alternative medication if you gain more than 20 lbs on any medication..

Genetics - There are multiple genes associated with obesity and disorders that can account for some people's obesity such as Bardet-Bedl Syndrome and Prader-Willi Syndrome.  Even genetics that account for behavior can cause people to be obese. If a child is morbidly obese it is important for parents to ask doctors about genetic counseling. This is very rare, but it should not be overlooked if everything else has been tried.

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