Avoiding Toxic People is Good For Your Health

BadEnergyPeopleLabels that read “toxic” are there to warn us that coming in contact with the contents will hurt or change us...and not in a good way. Unfortunately there are no labels on toxic people.

We can come in contact with them and be ruined even before we realize what happened, so here's how to avoid them...

Indentifying Toxic Types:
Toxic people spread their toxin to you and then you, in turn, become a wasteland like they are. One thing about toxins is that they poison the entire system. You will suffer mentally and physically. So, it is a good idea to stay away from people who can hurt you in so many ways.But, in order to stay away from them, you’ll have to be able to recognize the toxin when you see it. Here are a few toxic personality types you may encounter if you haven’t already.

Doom and gloom: This type of personality sees everything through dark glasses. Instead of looking for the silver lining, they only see the seething underbelly of the cloud. No matter what you say, they can destroy it in one swoop with their burning words.

Bullies: You may have known a few in school but they exist in adulthood as well. This person will do all they can to persuade you to see things from their perspective. If you say the sky is blue, they will talk you to death, even slyly berating you,  until you agree with their perspective on things, which is usually negative.

Opinionated know-it-alls: This person has a theory about everyone and everything. If Gina is out sick, then she can’t really be sick. She must be faking to get out of work. When someone comes along with a new idea, this person thinks of them as divisive and scheming.

Negative poisoner: No matter how happy you are, this person can turn your dream of something good into a death wish. So you want to learn how to swim. This personality will tell you that you are too old or that you have a better chance of drowning than swimming.

Putdown kings: This goes for queens as well. They are people who smile while they insult you. Let’s say that you want to buy a nice dress for a special occasion. They will tell you that you should go for the pantsuit because your calves are too big or ask you about chafing from your thighs rubbing together. They cite all the reasons it could be embarrassing to you because of their “concern,” which is nothing more than pettiness.

If you already know a toxic person, stay away from them as much as you can, even if they are family. Learn to excuse yourself when they are around or simply refuse to share any personal information with them. In the meantime, cultivate your sense of self-worth so you can neutralize their poison stingers in others.


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